Falcon 5/F-15QA Project

In a Joint Venture with ICM (Impresa Costruzioni Maltauro) SpA, the project was awarded to Bahadir Construction Engineering and Trading Inc. Co. by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in May 2020 and is planned for completion by October 2022.

US Army Corps of Engineers


AUAB, Qatar  

This high profile and keenly contested contract, includes the following scope of work to be executed by the Contractor:

  • Airfield Facilities: aeronautical pavements and airfield systems, aircraft shelters
  • Operations Facilities: offices, headquarters, training facility, etc.
  • Maintenance Facilities: Maintenance Hangars/Buildings and Stores
  • Munitions Facilities: Maintenance Facility, Stores, etc.
  • Security Facilities: Entry Control Point and Security Fencing
  • Utilities and Infrastructure: substations, vehicle fueling station, water storage and pumping facility, road network, stormwater collection system, domestic and fire water distribution network, security system, wastewater network, LV/MV electrical distribution system, communications system, site lighting, landscaping, etc.