ACT, formed in 2017, represents the merger of two highly successful and long established companies.
Bahadir International Construction UK LLP
The first activities of Bahadir Construction were Engineering&Contracting services around the city of Sinop, Turkey in 1935, and later, in 1954, the company was established under the name of Heris Unlimited in order to carry out construction services in Istanbul, Turkey. Bahadir Construction, with its global and local solution partners and professional teams, has focused on high standard turnkey residential, industrial, commercial and retail buildings, hospital and hotel projects and contracting activities. For the last three generations, it has integrated its commitment with its trustworthy values, and in all projects, Bahadir Construction, a leader and model company in the industry showed high performance in strength, quality, aesthetics, and speed in the lights of its mission.
Tedeschia Construction Enterprises LTD
Tedeschia Construction Enterprises was established as a General Contracting Company in mid 2007. It was Initially formed with the intention of becoming a simply structured but efficient entity capable of promptly responding to the increasing demand of special pavement works in the GCC’s growing Civil Construction market. Notwithstanding the original intentions to limit the Company activities to the scope of specialized aeronautical rigid pavement works and sophisticated industrial flooring, right from its inception the Company has experienced a rapid and continuous expansion into all fields of civil construction to and multifacility management. The grit of the Company is built upon the strong bonding between all its Stakeholders and Management that benefit of relationships stretching as far back as thirty years.