Our Policies
ACT, considers the Total Quality Management as an integrating management philosophy in order to continually develop the product and service quality with the participation of all the members in the organization. Total Quality Management is defined as by improving all the activities and absolute and active participation of all the employees of the organization, attaining the profitability by obtaining the satisfaction of the customers, employees and the society.

ACT accepts and applies "the Corporate Culture Change" as a philosophy as defined below:

 From "Quality First" before "Completing the Work First"
 From "Providing the Demanded" to "Constant Improvement"
 From "Providing the Product/Service" to "Customer Satisfaction"
 From "Focusing on Product and Service" to "Focusing on Process and Method"
 From "Short Term Goals" to "Long Term Goals"
 From "Inspection" to "Avoidance"
 From "The Employees are Cost Factors" to "The Employees are Profit Factors"
 From "Personal Work" to "Team Work"
 From "The Cheapest Vendor" to "The Vendor who is the Part of the Quality"
 From "Partial Activities" to "Team Activities"