Our Expertise

ACT, with its global and local solution partners and professional teams, has focused on high standard turnkey projects and contracting activities.

Aeronautical & Military
Aeronautical Pavements (Runways & Aprons), Hangars, Simulator Buildings,
 Aeronautical Systems Infrastructure,
Fuel Storage and Distribution Systems,
Passenger Terminals, Goods/Customs Terminals, Helipads, Heliports
Headquarters & Offices, Military Accommodations, Maintenance Workshops,
Reinforced Bunkers, Perimeter Fences, Security Systems

Commercial & Administration
 Holiday Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Residences, Guesthouses, Restaurants
 Office Buildings, Bank Headquarters, Management Buildings
 Business Centers, Plazas, Shopping Malls, Large Stores
 Conference Halls, Culture Centers, Museums, Student Hostels

 Automotive, Textile, Food, Tobacco, Wood Processing
 Chemical, Mineral Processing, Metal, Machinery, Household Appliances
 Plastics Process, Polyester Film, Pharmaceuticals
Industrial Epoxy Floors, Warehouses

 Public Housing Projects, Residences

 Hospitals, Thermal Treatment Centers

Roads, Roads Lighting, Drainage, Sewage, Electrical Infrastructure,

Structural Reinforcement & Improvement