This new airfield works  on the Al Udeid Airbase in Qatar provide a second runway and taxiway with links to the existing ones and all associated infrastructures and airfield support services.

The new runway and aprons are designed to accommodate up to Code F Aircrafts (Airbus 380, Boeing 747 etc.)

The main purpose of the project is to design&build a new runway&taxiway arrangement, aeronautical aprons, an isolation pad, aeronautical systems and airfield lighting, fencing, utilities and infrastructure as well as the modification of the existing aeronautical pavements and system already in use.

These works serve as support for the New Military Strategic facilities. The total build up area is approximately 1,400,000 m2 which 900,000 m2 are in heavy flexible pavement (asphalt) and 300,000 m2 are in rigid pavement (pavement quality concrete).

The complete design and installation of the airfield lighting system of the overall project including:

  • Airfield Lighting Design as per ICAO as well as FAA Standards
  • Runway & Taxiway Lighting
  • Duct Bank & Manhole System
  • Airfield Flood Lights
  • Airfield Guidance Signs
  • Aircrafts  Arrestor Barriers
  • Airfield Lighting Maintenance