The project to be realized on 41.000 m2 land comprises of one hotel complex and 6 residence blocks. The guest floors have a total of 130 rooms. The site is located at 3 km north of the Kotor city center, inner the Kotor Bay.

The complex will provide a new animation to Kotor and Prčanj region with its location and capacity. The use of the complex outside summer season is planned with the use of a big health club and dividable meeting rooms for conferences and meeting activities. The hotel will be operational four seasons with health and meeting activities outside holiday tourism.

It has been planned that the guests are going to spend most of their time in the open air. Wide, retractable, transparent façade elements will provide light, airy internal spaces to the common areas and a continuous multi-directional relationship with the external areas. The restaurant, lobby bar and spa areas organized parallel to the sea can spread towards the terrace, the open-air pool and external activities. Terraces which strengthen the relationship of the building with outside are covered with a large canopy providing partly shaded open areas. The building is open to the external areas from many aspects and there is a space set up enhancing the relationship between inside and outside.

As they are located in a Unesco protected area and due to the construction conditions of the region, no mechanical device would be placed on the roof of the hotel or other accommodation buildings. All blocks have been organized parallel to the slope so as to minimize the disturbance to the soil and avoiding as much as possible that they block each other’s view.

About Kotor

Kotor is a historic coastal town settled at the Boka Kotorska Bay on the Adriatic Sea of Montenegro. The region also has rare natural beauty arising from a nest of the Adriatic Sea and Balkan Mountains. Today, Kotor and its surrounding is one of the famous destinations in this region. Its cultural and natural values have been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage since 1979 and maintained by the UNESCO funds.